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Mouth on Fire Theatre Company was founded in Dublin in 2010 by Melissa Ní Nualláin and Cathal Quinn. The company specialises in innovative yet highly respectful productions of Samuel Beckett's poetry, prose and drama, accessible to those who may never have experienced it before, whilst performing it to the highest standards.  What makes Mouth on Fire stand out is its commitment not just to staging great works in theatres all over Ireland and worldwide, but also performing in prisons, hospitals and for the homeless. Mouth on Fire is also dedicated to promoting the Irish language and performs the works of many great Irish writers in both English and Irish.

To date, the company has produced over twenty of Beckett’s works, six of which were World Premieres, touring Ireland and internationally to Russia, Japan, India, the UK and winning awards at the Kot Bayun Literary Arts Festival in Russia. Mouth on Fire represented Ireland at the Hyderabad Literary Festival, and its summer production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream was placed in the top ten of the best shows in Ireland in 2014.



Cathal Quinn


Melissa Ní Nualláin


Kot Bayun Literary Awards, Cherepovets, Russia

Beckett-Before Vanishing, Best Production

Beckett-Before Vanishing, Best Audience Vote

Beckett-Before Vanishing, Best Youth Vote


World Premiere

Beckett/Come and Go / Teacht Is Imeacht

Beckett/Rockaby / Rocabaí

Beckett/Catastrophe / Matalang

Beckett/As The Story Was Told

Beckett/Rough for Theatre I / Blog

Yeats/The Cat and the Moon / An Cat agus an Ghealach

Beckett/What Where / Cén Rud Cén Áit

Yeats/Purgatory / Purgadóir

Beckett/Krapp's Last Tape/Téip Dheireanach Krapp


European Premiere

Beckett/Rough for Radio II

Japanese Premiere

Beckett/That Time

Beckett/Ohio Impromptu

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